Digital Inventories

The easy way to go paperless


Video: Screen recording of new vehicle & asset registration

Use without RFID: System Generated Unique ID's
Register any of your sub-assets into Fleetsense (tyres, batteries, tarpaulins, ECU's and more.) Digitisation of your assets allows for the paperless nature of Fleetsense and sets the stage for using our highly beneficial Tyre Intelligence module.

Use with RFID: Tamperproof Electronic ID's
For an additional layer of security and for the ability to use our unique drive through asset scanning, use Fleetsense with our RFID tags. It only takes a few seconds to fix a permanent RFID tag to any sub-asset.

Intuitive Software
Access to your Fleetsense assets is effortless and intuitive. Use our web or mobile app to register vehicles and assets, then inspect, move and scrap assets. Our mobile app allows the user to conduct any actions with fleet vehicles and assets either on the ground or remotely, with the exception of registering new RFID assets. This is done with our robust Android based RFID hand readers.

Effortless Inventories
Once an asset is tagged and registered it is impossible to lose track of. With a few clicks fleet managers can compile lists of tyres and other assets which are on the road, in storage or in retreading. Sort assets according to manufacturer, date/location last seen, current mileage, current cost/km, and much more. All lists are exportable in .csv format for secondary processing.

Tyre mileages and cost/km
Fleetsense allows for the entry of vehicle mileages upon which the system automatically calculates the individual mileages for each tyre connected to the truck/trailer. Mileages are accurately maintained regardless of tyre movements between vehicles and storage facilities. Users batch enter casing and retreading costs and Fleetsense maintains accurate cost/km for every tyre in your fleet. This process is automated for users who make use of our Tyre Intelligence module.

Digital Scrapping
Tyres are scrapped using the Fleetsense mobile app and the operator is forced to submit a photograph highlighting the damage and reason for scrapping. The operators name, time of scrapping and GPS location of scrapping is all logged to improve accountability and traceability.

Automated Notifications
Workshop staff can conduct regular tyre inspections using the Fleetsense mobile app. It allows for the entry of tyre tread depths and tyre pressure. Whenever any of these readings are out of range according to your fleet standards, automated notifications are sent to relevant staff containing details about the problematic measurements - over / under inflation, tyre worn below limits or uneven tyre wear.

Usage Logs
Fleetsense logs all transactions conducted by your workshop and fleet management staff. Individual logins ensure unrivalled accountability and traceability. When our mobile app is used, GPS locations are also saved for each transaction. When assets are scrapped the mobile app requires the operator to submit a photo and reason for scrapping.

Effortless Inventories

It takes only a few seconds to register a tyre, with or without RFID tags, making the transition from paper based systems to Fleetsense easier than expected.

Our web app gives you a complete grasp of current inventories - tyres in use, in storage or in retreading facilities.

Data Import & Export

Our experienced support team will import your existing digital records into Fleetsense at no cost, for a seemless transition.

Fleetsense allows for easy export of all your data for secondary data processing, customised reports and presentations.

Staff Acountability

Fleetsense records usage logs for each transaction done from the web and mobile apps, registering the date & time, user name, type of transaction (new tyre, tyre moved, tyre scrapped, etc.) and in the case of mobile app usage, the GPS coordinates of the user at the time of the transaction.

Universal Access

Fleetsense is cloud based, giving authorised users remote access to register, view, move and amend vehicles and tyres through the Fleetsense mobile and web apps.

Automated Notifications

Whenever workshop staff submit tyre measurements which are out of range, your fleet managers receive instant notifications detailing the relevant tyre and vehicle details. This allows for a great degree of pre-emptive maintenance.

Secure Networking

All incoming and outgoing data between our web and mobile apps and servers is encrypted to protect your information and privacy.

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