Hardware Driven Theft Control

Reliable automated asset scanning. The end of manual checks

(Only available when RFID tagging is used)

Video: Theft Control. Asset scanning in action

Automated Drive-through Scanning
At Fleetsense we developed a truly unique system which is able to scan an RFID tag fixed on the inside or outside of any tyre on a moving vehicle, including spare wheels. Notifications are sent to your fleet managers seconds after a scan if any assets are missing, showing in diagram form exactly which assets are no longer on the vehicle. These notifications also include vehicle, driver and scan location data.

Economic sense
Get theft control coverage for a 16-wheel rig for as little as USD 6.79/month. This means that the cost of 1 x USD300 tyre is enough to protect such a vehicle's tyres from theft for almost four years.

Tamperproof Electronic ID's
It takes only a few seconds to fix a permanent RFID tag to an asset (tyre, battery, tarpaulin, ECU.) Once tagged our tamperproof tags cannot be transferred to another asset in tact, which forms the basis for our automated theft control.

Our fixed scan stations scan thousands of RFID assets every week and regularly uncover theft and attempts at theft. Built with the latest IOT hardware, our scan stations are monitored remotely to minimise downtime.

Other assets we reliably scan include tarpaulins, batteries, ECU's, and some tools. We supply specialised RFID tags for different asset types.

Register vehicles & tyres

Once registered into your database, your vehicles and RFID assets are immediately on the radar for automated scanning, anywhere throughout SADC. Registration and chipping is done within seconds with our handheld readers.

Enlarge your vantage point

Install our fixed RFID stations at your yards and depots or make use of Fleetsense owned stations along major routes to improve your scanning footprint.

Automated drive-through scanning

A full asset scan is conducted whenever your vehicle drives through a Fleetsense fixed station. Our unique combination of hardware and software ensures reliable extraction of RFID data from every asset on every scan.

Real-time reports

Seconds after a vehicle passes through a fixed scan station a detailed scan report with a diagram of the scanned vehicle and attached assets is delivered to your user interface, showing which assets are present or missing. In case of missing assets an email alert is immediately sent to all relevant staff.

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